About the Project

Consent is recognised as a fundamental human right. The EU has taken steps to ensure that consent is respected and upheld in all types of relationships, including sexual relationships. In 2017, the EU adopted the Istanbul Convention, which is a comprehensive legal framework for addressing violence against women and domestic violence.

Understanding the importance of consent is essential for building healthy and respectful relationships, preventing sexual assault and harassment, and creating a safer and more inclusive society. Despite its importance, however, it is not adequately addressed in the school curricula across Europe.

The ACT4CONSENT project

The ACT4CONSENT project (project number: 2023-1-DE03-KA220-SCH-000151276) aims to use the artistic disciplines of drama and storytelling to help teachers to address the topic of consent with students in their classrooms.

Drama and storytelling allow young people to explore complex issues in a safe and supportive environment, using their creativity and imagination to express their thoughts and feelings. By engaging in drama and storytelling, young people can learn about consent in a way that is engaging, interactive, and empowering. By acting out different scenarios, young people can explore how to communicate their boundaries, respect the boundaries of others, and respond appropriately to situations where consent is in question. Through storytelling, young people can develop their empathy and understanding, and learn how to communicate more effectively with others.

ACT4CONSENT thus offers an innovative educational approach to engage young people in the issue of consent, while it also involves parents in consent education so that students can be supported and empowered both at school and at home.

ACT4CONSENT aims to:

Increase awareness and understanding of the concept of consent

Develop communication skills among schoolteachers, students, and parents to talk about consent

Build empathy and respect in local school communities

Address harmful societal norms and values which influence young people

Foster a sense of community and create a safe school environment for all

Provide support and resources to teachers, parents and students to address consent

The project is funded with support from the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme and has a duration of 24 months (01/09/2023-31/08/2025).